Clue Number 5

The man of mystery looked vaguely familiar

Level Two 

The Man of Mystery is looking for a book about fish.  Can you help him?  If you listen closely, you might hear his tummy rumbling, he is so hungry! 

Earlier, we found a fiction (make believe) book by searching using the first letter of an author’s last name. But the book the Man of Mystery is looking for, is a non-fiction (true) book and they are sorted in a different way – using a special number system called the Dewey Decimal System. 

The special number for books about fish is 799.1

At the end of each bookshelf is the number range for the books that can be found there.  Can you find the fish section? 

Once you reach the fish section, you might find a book that does not belong there. Look inside and you will find a special message from the Man of Mystery! 

***Make sure you put the book back carefully where you found it.***

Now where has the Man of Mystery gone to? Uh oh! Angela is coming and she looks very angry. I think there are some chores to be done. 

When you’re done, keep an eye out for your next clue in the hunt for the Man of Mystery!  

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