Andrew Gibb Maitland

Andrew Gibb Maitland (1864-1951) qualified as a civil engineer at the University of Leeds and migrated to Queensland where he joined the Geological Survey in 1888.

In 1896, Maitland succeeded H.P Woodward as the Director of the Geological Survey of WA, a position he held for 30 years. Maitland  produced hundreds of field maps and publications, including the Bibliography of the Geology of Western Australia (1898), the first of ninety-one survey bulletins issued under his direction.

He is considered to be one of Western Australia’s most important geologists whose detailed record of the geological information on the early goldfields continues to be of use and significance today. Gibb River and Maitland Range in Western Australia were named after him in honour of his geological contributions and successes as Government Geologist.

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