Going Out

Ethel Chambers and Elsie Brockway


What kind of hat do you wear when you go out?

The style of hats worn has changed over time. There are fancy hats for formal occasions like a wedding, and casual hats for places like the beach. The type of hat a person wears can identify their status in society. Rules about hat wearing and dress code have varied over time and depend on the occasion.


Focus questions

What can hats tell us about the person wearing it?

How has the purpose of wearing a hat changed over time?

Do you have a going out  hat? When do you wear it?

Look closely at the photographs. Do you think people dressed more formally to go out in the past than they do today? What are some examples of this?

Master O'Neil in fancy dress

Women modelling fashion

The Gilbert family picnic

James Clarke at Bungulluping

Gervase Clifton and an unknown woman

Tee Wah

Campbell children dressed as bride and groom

Models displaying hats

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