Ella Mackay wearing a paper hat



Have you ever dressed up in a hat?

Hats are a big part of the way we play.  From playing dress-ups, to wearing hats during celebrations, hats can be silly and fun. You can make your own Easter bonnet, dress up as your favourite story book character or just put on a hat when you play outside.


Focus questions:

We often wear cardboard hats at a birthday party. Can you name some other celebrations where people wear hats?

Which characters in story books can be identified by what they wear?

What do you like to wear when you dress up? Do you have any hats in your dress-up box?

Can you think of any other ways we use hats for play?

Look closely at the photographs. How has our use of hats for play changed and stayed the same over time?

Children in fancy dress

Little girl wearing a hat

Sara wearing paper costume

Misses Jerrard in fancy dress

Mr Kelly in fancy dress

Miss Morgan dressed as a butterfly

Play-time at Rottnest

Ella and Faulkner Mackay dressed for swimming

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