A pearl diver in his diving suit


Do you know someone who wears a hat for work?

There are many job roles that require someone to wear a hat. The hat may be used for safety purposes, it could be part of a uniform or could be used to identify a person’s rank or position in their job. We can often recognise what a person does for a living by the type of hat they wear.


Focus questions

Why would a person wear a hat for work? Does it identify what that person does? Is it to keep them safe?

What types of jobs require a hat?

How do the hats in the photographs differ from the hats worn by people in those job roles today?

Many of these photographs were taken in a time when only men could do those jobs. Can you find current photographs of women in those job roles?

Mates, 1945

Police Officer T.H.Smith

Corporal Goddard

Horrie Miller in his flying jacket and helmet

MMA air hostess Maureen Kinsella

Inspecting asbestos

Sadie Corner at Bethesda Hospital

Surf life saver with radio

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