326267PD: A pearl diver in his diving suit


Do you know someone who wears a hat for work?

There are many job roles that require someone to wear a hat. The hat may be used for safety purposes, it could be part of a uniform or could be used to identify a person’s rank or position in their job. We can often recognize what a person does for a living by the type of hat they wear.


Focus questions

For what purpose does a person wear a hat for work? Does it identify what that person does? Is it to keep them safe?

What types of jobs require a hat?

How do the hats in the photographs differ from the hats worn by people in those job roles today?

Many of these photographs were taken in a time when only men could do those jobs. Can you find current photographs of women in those job roles?

047016PD: Mates, 1945

050,148PD: Police Officer T.H.Smith

108168PD: Corporal Goddard, 1914-1918

BA2749/2160: Horrie Miller in his flying jacket and helmet

146275PD: MMA air hostess Maureen Kinsella

BA875/70: Inspecting asbestos in mine at Wittenoom, 1950.

BA1340/ERA3/89B: Sadie Corner (later Canning) at Bethesda Hospital, Melbourne, 1952

114669PD: Surf life saver with radio communications equipment on the beach, W.A., ca. 1964

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