Urban Orchard

Bringing nature back to the city 

The James Street School playing field and Roe Street façade

Bees, flies and butterflies fill this Urban Orchard. Mint, coriander and basil are just some of the herbs planted here. What else can you smell? 

Green spaces are important for the environment and for the recreation and wellbeing of communities. When the Perth Cultural Centre was established, this place was full of concrete, pavers, and few signs of greenery. The space which now is the Urban Orchard, was a concrete play area for the Perth Boys’ and Girls’ Schools. You might be familiar with the words “concrete jungle”, which would be a good description of this place in the 1960s and 1970s. 

In more recent years, there has been a move to bring green spaces back into cities. This carpark rooftop has been transformed into an urban garden through new plantings and landscape design. Sustainability is also increasingly important. Urban farming and community gardens like this one can provide a way for communities to share food resources and to also connect socially. 

Look around the Cultural Centre. Where else could green spaces be established?  

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Spend some time in the Urban Orchard. Explore the many signs which tell you about the vegetation in this space. 

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